clash of clans

About Us

We are COC enthusiasts that know each other from Clash of Clans. We love COC and constantly discussing tips and tricks, strategy to beat other players, cheats and so on. Our team consists of IT Specialist, IT Security, web and app developers.

One day, we realize that although COC is an exciting game, it has major drawback which is unfair to free players. Free players can’t compete with players who buy lots of gems. As many people can see, top 10 players in COC are players who spend ridiculously amount of money to win. Yes, Clash of Clans is a freemium game which translates to pay-to-win. If you don’t have money then you can’t buy gems; which means you will always going to lose to players who spend so many gems.

In-app purchase is expensive and not everyone is able to afford it. What about the majority of the players who cannot buy gems? Are they just left and succumb to losing to people who spend lots of gems? That’s why we want to even the game to everyone.

Afterwards, we have an idea to create coc hack tool which is able to generate unlimited gems for free. It is very ideal for free players who want to get advantage quickly against others. Since our team is consists of experts on IT security, we can easily identify how to hack the game and add gems to coc accounts for free.

Once it is created, we decide to make it online so everyone can benefit from it. We have lots of positive feedback; everyone is excited about this new tool. Therefore, we continually update and upgrade our tool to make it more powerful, stealthier and easier to use.

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