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Clash of Clans Hack is a tool for generating unlimited Free Gems and Gold. Using our latest, state of the art algorithm, the tool is able to hack Clash of Clans server and add resources such as gems and gold to your account. It is very safe, risk-free and always updated. Our server is using stealth algorithm and encryption to ensure account safety so you will not ever get banned. These clash of clans cheats are very useful for any player that wants to gain advantage against other players. No matter how many gems or gold you need, you can get it easily using this hack.

To add free gems to your COC account, follow these steps :

  • 1- Click On “Access Gems Generator” below.
  • 2- Enter Your COC Username and select the device you are using.
  • 3- Select Proxy [On] for added security then choose how many gems and gold you wish to add to your account.
  • 4- Please wait while our generator is hacking COC server. It might take a minute.
  • 5- Complete Human Verification. Gems and Gold will be added upon completion. Enjoy your clash of clans free gems :)

Clash of Clans Cheats

As everyone knows, gems are very important in clash of clans. They are used for speeding things up and make a huge progress in a short amount of time. With gems, you will be able construct faster, upgrade powers, clans and character without waiting too long. Therefore, if you have more gems, you will be stronger than your opponent and able to win wars with ease. Gems are a must have if you wish to gain advantage against other players.

Generally, you can get few gems by clearing obstacles. However the long wait time always prove to be a problem for all players in coc. If you want more gems fast, you have to buy it using real money which is quite expensive. As a solution, our team develops an online generator to help players getting clash of clans free gems. The generator is the most powerful clash of clans cheats ever made.


Clash of Clans Hack Features

Gems and Gold Cheats – Our coc hack tools are able to add free gems and gold to your coc account using exploit and backdoor in coc servers. Using this cheat, you can get unlimited resources without spending any money.

Always Working – We make sure that our clash of clans cheats are always updated and working. It is tested daily and if there is a coc update, we also update our hack tool.

100% Safe – Safety is our top priority. Using stealth algorithm and anti-ban technology, our coc hack tool is undetectable and leaves no trace. In addition, our server is using advanced encryption for security. Every player who uses our online generator have never experienced any account ban. You can have peace of mind while using the cheats.

Online Generator – The generator is hosted on our server so you don’t have to download anything. You will be able to access clash of clans cheats anywhere and generate free gems in few minutes.

Friendly User Interface – Our User Interface is very simple and easy to use. It is very straightforward so everyone can use it.

Support Android & iOS – Works on all version of Android and iOS. We continually check if there is any bug and fix it to make it working properly in any version of mobile OS


You may use our clash of clans hack tool unlimited number of times per day. Our server is capable of handling numerous requests at the same time. To start add gems to your account, click here:


Who should use Clash of Clans Hack?

1. Players who want to become top players. If you are COC players who want to get strong fast without spending any money then clash of clans hack is definitely for you. Have you ever feel those big money spenders always beat you? Then it is time to get even. Use the cheats, get the gems, raise strong army as soon as possible and then get revenge.

2. Strategy testers. Let’s say you have a decent strategy in mind and then you want to test it out against other players but the strategy requires you to have high level buildings or need large troops composition. You can wait until you get all requirements but it might take too long. So how do you implement your strategy faster? You can use clash of clans hack to get free gems and then use the gems to get your high level buildings or troops. Then, you can implement the strategy as you wish.

3. Youtuber who wants to become famous. If you are a video maker who wants to get large number of subscribers, one thing you can do is winning battles in clash of clans. By using the hack, you are able to generate unlimited gems and then easily winning wars against other players. Afterwards, you can upload your video. People will like your video and subscribe to your channel.

4. New mobile game developers. Developers who wish to create new mobile game need a reference on how mobile game works. An established game such as clash of clans will serve as a good reference. They need to know the gameplay for new, intermediate and veteran players. By using clash of clans hack, developers can easily fast forward to experience the gameplay of veteran players and then implement similar gameplay in the new mobile game. They will also be able to apply game balancing easier by running and testing numerous battles against other players.


How can you contribute to improving this tool?

The best way to contribute is using clash of clans hack as often as you want. The more often you use, the faster we will know if there is a problem. The hack tool has a built-in notification system to inform us should there be any problem with the generator. So far, the tool has 100% success rate but should you find any bug, you can always contact us.


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